Restaurante Orillas del Mar - Playa Mogán, Gran Canaria

Food and music

The restaurant that became the "Orillas del Mar" opened in 1928 when the owner's eldest son, Manuel González Hernández, suggested the idea to his father. As they all were in those days, it was a shop-cum-bar selling groceries, bread, vinegar and cooking oil in bulk and also paraffin for the kitchen stoves in common use then. During the day, for there was no electricity in Playa Mogan in those days, they also served meals and the famous Canarian tapas to travellers visiting by falúa (a small boat).

For the past thirty years the restaurant has been run by restaurateur Antonio Navarro, a local fisherman's son, who, with the help of his family, has built it up since the days before the port of Mogán was built and the stormy winter seas used to wash against its doors.

The menu . . . / . . . and the music The menu . . . . . . and the music

Proud of his roots and devoted to his locality, he learned the secrets of preparing and cooking the various kinds of fish from his mother, a local Mogán woman, from the other women of Mogán who worked in her kitchen, and from his father, a professional fisherman who worked in rowing boats and under sail. His experience includes working in the restaurant he now runs, and very early in his career, helping to set up and open another local restaurant today known as Tu Casa. He also worked in several establishments in Puerto Rico - Porto Plata (Servatur), Acuamarina and Restaurante Pepita.

Música en vivo / John and Elena live Música en vivo John and Elena live

A lover of music, fishing and zanga, a Canarian card game, with a partiality for fish seldom found in today's menus, such as fried moray and conger, this Moganero (native of Mogan) offers his patrons fresh local fish - breca, chopa, bass, vieja, salmonete (red mullet) various types of tuna (when in season), paella, and if ordered in advance, fish soups.

There is also a small but select meat menu which includes roast lamb, several sirloin steak recipes, rump steak and "Cordon Bleu". Besides the home-made seafood paella, you can also sample locally-grown tropical fruits such as avocado, mango and papaya, and home-made desserts.

And all washed down with Canarian wines, Riojas and Ribera del Duero!

Guitar duet with Francisco and Antonio / Guitar duet with Francisco and Antonio Guitar duet with Francisco and Antonio Guitar duet with Francisco and Antonio

As a bonus Antonio, with friends, family, and the occasional customer, frequently get together to perform a folia and fill the night air with the sound of Canarian and Spanish folk music and boleros.

You can find the restaurant near the beginning of the street that divides the old village from the marina development of Puerto de Mogan. Lovers of good fish and music who know about us return time after time to dine here, and we always welcome new faces.

The Orillas del Mar is officially recognised by the local Town Hall as the longest established restaurant in Puerto and Playa Mogan.

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